Stay. A Modern Dog Hotel offers a premium daycare service. Bring your dog into a state-of-the art facility that has over 12,000 sq.ft. of exercise space and can be viewed live with our web cams. To ensure a safe play environment for your pet, all dogs are temperament tested with other dogs before they are placed in a daycare playgroup. After their behavior is tested, they are placed in either a small dog playgroup, a medium dog playgroup or a large dog playgroup. Size, age and temperament define a dogs playgroup.  A senior group option is also available for older pets that can be overwhelmed by a typical daycare setting.

Stay also offers specialized daycare option for dogs that need one-on-one care and exercise.



Daycare Packages:

1 Day – $30

5 Day- $145

10 Day- $280

20 Day- $500

*Please complete the service agreement before making a reservation.

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You can schedule any of our exercises for your pet while they are in daycare or boarding. See the details.

Nature Walks – $ 25

Aquatic Fitness – $ 30

Treadmill– $5

One-on-One Cuddle time– $8

Daycare passes are non-refundable / non-transferable.