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Daycare & Boarding

Where are you located?
We are located at 4130 North Rockwell Street, Chicago IL 60618, a block west of Western and a block north of Irving Park Road.

What are your hours?
Our hours are: Mon-Fri 7am to 7pm; Sat-Sun 8am to 6pm

What types of services do you provide?
We provide boarding, daycare and grooming services.

Do you have 24 hr staff on duty?
We have 24 hr “security for the premises staff only”, but they are not dog handlers.

What vaccinations do you require?
Stay requires a veterinarian vaccination record indicating proof of vaccinations for distemper, rabies,
parvovirus and six month bordatella for at least 7 days prior to boarding. Titer protection may be
substituted for the distemper and parvovirus vaccinations.

How early can I drop my dog off at your facility for daycare or boarding?
Check-in time: Mon–Fri 7am–7pm; Sat–Sun 8am–6pm

Can someone other than me pick up my dog from daycare or boarding?
Yes, we advise you provide their name so we can document this information on your file.

Do you offer transportation services?
Stay provides pick-up and/or delivery service for dogs, for a fee. $10 each way.

If I choose to use your transportation service, what are the city limits, boundaries and what time should I expect the driver?
Based on availability. Available for boarding dogs and daycare dogs within Chicago’s city limits: as west as Cicero, as north as Peterson, south Jackson and east Sheridan.

Morning routes start from 7 to 10 am and evening routes are from 4pm to 7pm.
Prices (city): $10.00 one way; $20.00 round trip

Please call for city limits. No suburban transportation available. Transportation available only Mon-
Fridays. Please add time.

Do I need to be present for the driver?
Not necessarily, you would have to provide Stay with a key to your property. Keys are kept in a safe
lock box.

Do I need to make reservations for daycare or boarding and if so, how early should I make them?
Reservations for boarding and grooming are required. We recommend 3 weeks in advance for major
holidays for Boarding.. No need to reserve for daycare.

What are your daycare and boarding prices (single day, half day, weekly etc)?
1 dog $30 day; 5 day pass $145; 10 day pass $280; 20 day standard pass $500

Our boarding ranges between $50 to $85 a night. Please see a description of the rooms and pricing

Do you offer discounts for additional dogs in the family?
Boarding: additional dog is 10% off
Daycare: 10% off second dog

What is the cost of transportation?
$10 each way.

Can I choose to use either pick up or drop off only and if so, what is the cost for each?
Yes, $10

If I pick up my dog after the expected time from either daycare or boarding, is there an extra fee?
Boarding: a $20 late fee will apply if dogs are picked up after 12pm.

No extra fee for Daycare – latest you can pick up is 7pm M-F weekdays or 6pm Weekends.

What are your grooming prices and hat is the difference between a bath, a groom and a bath and tidy?
Full Groom $45 and up – includes bath, air fluffing, brush out, cut and style, Nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth brushing.

Bath and Tidy $40 and up – includes bath, air fluffing, brush out, sanitary clip, nail and pad trimming, ear cleaning and teeth brushing.

Bath $35 and up – includes bath, air fluffing, brush out, nail trimming, ear cleaning.

*Extra charge may apply on heavily matted and long hair breeds.

Other Individual Services – Teeth Brushing $12; Nail Clipping $10

Do you administer shots, medications or special requests and does it cost extra?
No extra cost for special requests.

What are your kennels like and what are the dimensions?
Standard: 4′ x 6′–5′ x 8’
Premium designs with colorful, reinforced side panels and swing-up rest benches to keep dogs clean and comfortable. Beds and blankets are provided to our guests – $50 per night

My dog is not used to being in a kennel, can he upgrade to a suite?
Yes you may choose to upgrade to:
Deluxe: 6′ x 8′
Tempered glass fronts with clear views of nature and comfortable petcots and blankets designed for
large dog – $60 per night
*Limited number of Deluxe spaces with view available.

Suite: 160 sqft
All-glass rooms provide premium comfort with web cam and custom interior producst by Crypton
Fabrics. Suites include bedding, toy chest and dog prints – $85 per night

How many dogs do you typically place in a kennel and what is the limit?
We have a 2 dog limit per kennel or suite.

What are the potty break schedules?
7am and 6:30pm if your dog participates in daycare.
7am, 11am, 2pm and 6:30 pm if your dog is in a special daycare program.

I have a special needs dog, can you accommodate extra potty breaks?

Can I bring my dog’s toys, blankets and/or beds?
Stay provides beds, blankets, water and food bowls for our guests. Please refrain from bringing
belongings from home. Stay is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

Does my dog get water while in daycare and in their kennels or suites?
Yes. We will make sure your dog is always hydrated.

Is there an age limit in order for my dog to socialize with others?
We prefer your dog is 6 month or older in order to participate in large playgroups. However, younger
dogs can be placed in a much smaller puppy group with rest breaks throughout the day.

What happens if my dog doesn’t play well with other dogs?
He or she will have a solo playtime twice a day supervised by a daycare attendant. If your dog isn’t
very playful with humans, we can arrange to substitute playtime with a longer walk instead.

*Stay requires that dogs pass a brief temperament test. Call us at 773.509.0001 to schedule.

What is the lunch schedule?
Dogs are provided lunch around 12 noon, after that, they rest and digest for an hour prior to going
back to the play area.

Do you separate and monitor dogs during feedings?
Yes, they are fed separately and monitored.

Where do dogs wait before and after daycare?
They rest in their individual kennels and are provided with blankets and fresh water.

Does my dog get breaks from daycare and activities throughout the day?
Only if you request it. Daycare areas are equipped with several pet cots for dogs to lay on.

Does my dog have to be neutered or spayed to play with others?
Yes, however we provide one on one playtime and activities for intact guests.

My senior dog does not like puppies; can she play with seniors only?
Yes, we do have senior play groups throughout the day.

Where do I find your webcam and will I be able to see my dog all day on the webcam?
Web cams available 24/7 for public viewing.

To view daycare webcams please click here.
To view boarding webcams please click here.